34+ Cascoon Evolution PNG

34+ Cascoon Evolution PNG. Jump to navigationjump to search. Cascoon makes its protective cocoon by wrapping its body entirely with a fine silk from its mouth.

AltShiniesWurmple,Silcoon,Beautifly,Cascoon,Dustox by high ...
AltShiniesWurmple,Silcoon,Beautifly,Cascoon,Dustox by high … from images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com

It is vulnerable to fire, flying and rock moves. Once the silk goes around its body, it hardens. This means that this pokémon can either evolve into a silcoon bug then into a beautifly bug flying , or it can evolve into a cascoon bug, then.

Evolution of cascoon doesn't really bring much in its moveset which put it with a lot of weakness.

Cascoon has one type, bug. Cascoon has one type, bug. Pokémon go wurmple bug has a branched evolution tree. Thereafter, it will evolve into its final evolutionary stage in beautifly at level 10.

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